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How long can I keep a Dumpster?
The dumpster rental is for up to 2 weeks then a charge of $5.00 per day till picked up. You must call to set up pickup.

What does the Dumpster Rental price include?
The dumpster rental service pricing includes one delivery, one pick up, and up to 14 days free.  Each dumpster rental sizes comes with a weight limit.  Once the dumpster is picked up it will be taken and the contents disposed
at a NJ DEP approved landfill, transfer station or a C & D Recycling facility.  If the debris, garbage, trash in the dumpster weighs more than the included tonnage we then will bill customers credit card.  Please Note:  There are no hidden charges, however additional charges may occur if the dumpster is overloaded or over the weight limit depending on the service plan you were quoted.

What items are unacceptable to throw into the Dumpster?
  • No Hazardous Materials 
  • No Oil, Gas, Diesel Tanks
  • No Tires or Batteries
  • No Propane Tanks
  • No Refrigerators or Freezers
  • No Pool Chemicals, Paint (Only Dried up Latex Paint acceptable)
  • No Fire Extinguishers
  • No Medical Waste
  • No Dead Animals
  • No Air Conditioning Units or Televisions
  • No Mercury Containing Devices
  • No Metal Drums
Will I be charged if the Dumpster exceeds the weight limit?
If the debris, garbage, trash in the dumpster weighs more than the allowable  weight limit the customer agrees and authorizes us to charge customers credit card for additional charges as appropriate per ton.

Can the Dumpster damage the driveway?
Yes, we highly recommend that the customer protect any surface where the Dumpster is going to be placed with about four pieces of 2x6x8 or 2x4x8's wood.  Please have the wood onsite and our Roll Off drivers will place the Dumpster on the wood.  Customer warrants that the right of way from the location of the Roll Off Dumpster to the most convinient public way is sufficient to bear the weight of all Contractor's equipment and vehicles.  Contractor shall not be responsible to any private pavement or accompaning sub-surfaces in the area where the Roll Off Dumpster is located of any route travelled by Contractor's vehicles in the performance of the service.

Can the Dumpster be placed in the street?
Please contact your local municipality they may require you to pay for a permit?

Can the Dumpster be placed on a sloped driveway?
Yes and No...the Roll Off Dumpsters have wheels and can roll down the driveway.  Please call our office before you order the Dumpster online to discuss.  We do have some Dumpsters with no wheels if needed.

Is there a charge if the driver cannot deliver the Dumpster to our house?
If the Dumpster cannot be delivered or picked up because a vehicle or junk is blocking entry or the driveway is too small or because of low wires the customer must pay a $150.00 trip charge fee even though dumpster was not picked up or delivered.